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I think you guys should be able to appreciate these lyrics

Here are some lyrics by the Christian emo band The Holy Mountain. They are very good and you should check them out.

Welcome to the unnatural order. A god-fearing nation of homophobic humans, a chopping block of faith-based faulty logic and unchallenged tradition. The male dominates but only after an initial, sacrificial foreskin donation. Born into an unnatural order, the infant casualties of religious wars, if given a chance to keep it would promise to clean it. But we were never asked before the church came to claim it. he is risen and what now? the lord beckons, bearing a necklace of little boy's foreskins. And this flesh that you've taken, better reserve a nice spot in heaven because my foreskin was taken and i was never offered the chance to say goodbye.

That song is called "Penis Jihad", and its on their new 12" EP "Bloodstains Across Your Face". They're very good, except that they don't like George W Bush... is that a sin?
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