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Christopher Len Ingham

is alex mccracken a christian? or is christopher ingham? which one will god love more?

Insulting comments are here to stay

In response to Lauren Morgan's March 30 column "Insults are Polluting This Campus," what's the big deal?
This happens every day not only on campus but everywhere.
If you get that offended by comments, turn your iPod up a bit louder and prance your way into class because it can't stop. The phrase you were looking for about the girl at a distance is known as "good from far, far from good."
Men have many of these sayings; they are part of our male vernacular: butter face, mosquito bites, the list goes on.
It's inevitable this will happen, so next time you're downtown and you see some hot guy, pinch his butt, and see if he actually cares. There are few guys who will actually be offended.
This isn't elementary school anymore; suck it up and take an insult or two.
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Junior, Alpharetta


In “Insulting comments are here to stay,” Alex McCracken asks us, “What’s the big deal?” Concerning negativism towards women, he states, “This isn't elementary school anymore; suck it up and take an insult or two.” He even goes as far as defining “our male vernacular.”
Misguided as I believe his opinion to be, and as hesitant as I am in honoring his words of “wisdom” with reply, I would like to question his analysis.
Alex McCracken, what is “our male vernacular?”
You seem to suggest it is the language of misogynism, sexual harassment, and negativism. You denote demeaning slang like “butter face” and “mosquito bites” as words in “our” vocabulary. Alex McCracken, your vocabulary is not “our” vocabulary.
These objectifying words are not to be tolerated regardless of their frequency of utterance. I say again, just because it “happens every day”, it does not make it right.
Alex McCracken, this language does not make you a man. It makes you a misogynist.
In closing, this is not elementary school anymore, Alex McCracken. Please attempt to expand your “male vernacular” beyond 5th grade playground banter.

Christopher Ingham
Senior from Augusta, GA
Art History / Drama
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