Ashley Marie (spunkyfmxgirl) wrote in emogirls4christ,
Ashley Marie

New Maintainer!!

In light of recent events, and spam posts, I made a comment to the TOS team. They informed me that those posts were in no way against TOS. They then told me that the only way to get rid of it was to ban the user and delete the posts. Only the maintainer can do that. Once they found out that the maintainer canceled his account, and trying to contact the previous maintainer didnt work, they handed the community over to me.

I dont tihnk its quite fair to hand it directly over to me just because i commented on the offensive posts... So I figured Id see if anyone had any objections or wanted to be a maintainer/moderater?

Not to mention I am fairly new at this...

Well I just thought I'd let everyone know whats going on with the community!

Any input and suggestions are very welcome at this point!
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